Syd The Kid Running The Internet

It’s time for the femmine side of Odd Future to step into the spotlight, their DJ and only female member Syd is the newest member to release a side project. Syd The Kid and  Matt Martian  now called The Internet, will release their debut album Purple Naked Ladies on Odd Future Records by the end of the year.

Gangster Nancy Sinatra, Lana Del Rey, has been labeled “controversial” and who can identify with that more than the members of Golf Wang? Exactly, no one…so it’s more than appropriate for Syd the Kyd and the Internet, to remix Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans.”

I love hearing Syd jumping on the mic and hitting us with a smooth and unexpected sensual voice over the Odd Future’s signature grit and grim fuck off lyrics…I have a feeling Syd is going to be quite the face for all the badass females out there!

Also check out their video “cocaine” HUGE props to Syd for being open with her sexuality too (cough chris brown cough)

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