Gossip Gossip Bros Ya Just Gotta Stop It

Soooo who looks worse in this little situation?

DJ Whoo Kid for gossiping

Aubrey for being hit by Breezy


Chris Brown for being Chris Brown

You decide, at Tim Westwood’s radio show recently DJ Whoo Kid was discussing Drizzy and how great of an artist he was, then some how the convo took a left turn to a story about how Drake took a hit from Chris Brown over Rihanna.

Annnnd here’s how it went:

Thank God there’s Drake out there. He had atleast 8 records on the radio that’s killing it, not to mention features, his own singles and um, him and Rihanna supposedly fooled around.

Wow is there anything you want to tell me?

I think he got elbowed by Chris Brown, too, but that never came out”

Elbowed in the face?

“In the chin, in the corner left part.”

Like a contact blow?


And what happened?

“‘Man Down.’ Simple as that. I mean, c’mon, Tim. I’m trying to be simple here.”

Check out the audio below:

After his comments feel into our blog fingers, DJ Whoo Kid took to twitter to say that he was just joking (of course he was who doesn’t joke about that):

Me and @timwestwood were joking on radio — #youCantbeSERIOUS HAHA @chrisbrown did not knock out DRAKE!!!

whatever bruh bruhs

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