Anyone Else Notice Soulja Boy’s New Video Is Him “Swaggin” Out Alone Dancing & Drinking Coffee? #SWAGBRUH

Soulja Boy now thinks he’s the mother fuckin moon? I honestly thought he could not do anything to make me dislike him more but look at him over achieving and accomplishing that!

Here’s the newest visuals to make all the real hip-hop heads cry at night SSS “Swisher Sweet Swag”

Things mentioned in this song that made me want to slit my wrist:

40 on my wrist and I swag out the asshole…

Red iphone like swag swag swag swag swag…

Mac book pro bitch i’m shawty lo…

Twitter dot com slash i got it for the lo…

Tumblr on the ho, google plus my dough

Shouts out kreayshawn that’s that white girl mob…

You flexin in my hood i bet you get your ass robbed….it’s halloween season…

About jaimlou

Manager of Publicity & Artists Relations at LULU COHEN MEDIA

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  1. RediPhone SwagSwagSwagSwagSwaG

    *Tumblr on the ho, google plus my dough

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