Throw It Up For A Yela, Eminem, & Gangsta Boo Track

When I heard Yela describe this track I knew it was going to be a stand out single….“Everything is the perfect juxtaposition, everything is perfectly mismatched and makes sense somehow…The melody of the music is soft and pretty but the drums, the bass line and the drive of the record nails hard–like southern gritty bounce.”

Yela says that he and Gangsta Boo worked with producer Will Powers to record their verses before sending the track over to Eminem. “Marshall didn’t jump on it by the way, it wasn’t an easy pitch…but once he heard it the way he needed to hear it to inspire him to write, he murdered it of course. Just having us three on a record, I think we made history with that record.”

Yeah no shocker Em murdered it…throw in a little Gangsta Boo and Catfish Billy? Yeah i’m gonna say this track will make a mark…

Download Here

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