2WGZ Spotlight: K-Prime


Today’s Hip-Hop industry has more than enough artists, but yet still lacking an unexpected factor. When I get a Soulja Boy track in my inbox I can pretty much tell you 90% of the lyrics Swag Swag Swag and guess the production sound damn near on point, I can even tell you what his video for the track will look like, but with hip-hop’s newest recruit, K-Prime, expected the un-expected.

Moving from Dhaka to the Borough of Queens, New York at 3 years old, Prime was introduced to music and politics by his father who was a poet and a political representative in his home country, intelligence and a rapper? Say it ain’t so!

Pulling influence from jazz, oldies, and blues, into his music, Prime idolized legends such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis (finally someone else who knew who Otis Redding was before Ye & Hov sampled his music!)

So we have a talented, intelligent, musician AND he has a good personal taste in music? Sounds like a pretty good combination right there. Prime’s witty lyrics combined with the always necessary mainstream hooks, over his well-produced head banging beats makes him on his way to make noise in the industry but when you add his old school fresh to death attitude into the mix, I have no doubt this kid will make his name known.

K-Prime has been out there grinding up and down the east coast; performing and appearing on mixtapes in New York, Philly, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Texas; he’s also worked with the likes of Rell, formerly of Rocafella Records and Robbie Pardlo of the group City High.

Check out his latest mixtape Dark Nights | Bright Dreams tracklist and download after the jump (I see you on there Kae-Hock!!)

Production single handedly brought to you by EOM

Photography by – Winston Siraj of www.winstonsiraj.com

Artwork by – Jennifer Roh of www.iphotoria.com

Download Mixtape Here

01 Goodnight
02 Revelation ft. C.Scholar
03 No Margins
04 You Got The Moves
05 Falling With Flair
06 Faith, Love ft. Karima Scott
07 Sure, Great
08 Bright Knights
09 White Noise Interlude
10 Think Twice
11 B roke A ngry D epressed
12 Nice Kicks
13 Too Cool ft. Keshia Lee
14 Out of Reach ft. Kae Hock & Brent Best
15 So Much More ft. Kae Hock
16 Pleasant Surprise

Also check out some footage from the release party held at the Jammin Java located in the heart of Vienna, VA.

Dark Nights | Bright Dreams from Digital GOLD Media on Vimeo.




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