White People Are Drug Dealers Too

Rocky Business dropped this mixtape back in February, if you haven’t checked it out yet it’s definitely worth the listen…with such an amazing title I’m not even going to try and explain the project for you i’ll let them do that…

We are all addicts of a substance beyond our control.  In today’s consumer driven society, addiction goes beyond drug abuse.  Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Natalie Portman are addicted to fame; but who’s the fueling the addiction?   Is it the fans?  The media?  An innate trait?  Regardless of who’s supplying, fame can be just as deadly as an overdose.  For all we know, you could be the supplier…because White People Are Drug Dealers Too.

Download Here

The NYC duo just released their new music video “Heath Ledger” from the tape….although you wont see either band members in the video you will appreciate what they did with it…the epic track list from this mixtape after the video

Tracklist: (pretty much nailed all the key white people don’t you think?)

1 Kate Moss

2 Anthony Kiedis

3 Britney Spears

4 Courtney Love

5 Heath Ledger

6 Lindsay Lohan

7 Sharon Stone

8 Kim Kardashian

9 Janis Joplin

10 Natalie Portman 

11 Chloe Sevigny

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