Jamaica’s Most Wanted: Vybz Karte Pulls A Prison Break?!

I know I shouldn’t support this at all and I don’t, but this is gangster….Vybz who has been in prison since October 1st for murder, conspiracy to commit murder and illegal possession of a firearm following the deaths of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams in August and Gregory Park in July, supposedly has broken free!

Reports from Jamaica are saying Kartel escaped from Horizon Adult Remand Centre with seven other prisoners, the story is that they held the prison guards hostage at gunpoint. Hype Life Magazine is giving us the story that one prison officer died of a heart attack thanks to the escape and 12 others were injured.

I feel like this could be a new T.I. movie….the escape was pulled off by some of the prisoners taking the officers’ clothing and car keys and impersonating prison guards on the phone to open a clearing.The prisoners managed to escape from the prison ground using a maintenance pick-up truck, there was one straggler who got captured by the police, but the rest are out there probably heading to Mexico….

Kartel and the other escapees are now ‘Jamaica’s most wanted criminals’.

Vybz Kartel is now apart of Jamaica’s biggest prison escape in history.

Damn…On another note good morning!

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