Bedroom Rules: Headiquette

So the other day my friend was complaining to me about his girl in bed, and the real problem came down to when she went down, now this isn’t the 1st complaint i’ve heard about this recently so I decided to re-post an article my boy Mike Stylezz and I wrote when we were over at This is for both males and females so take it in enjoy and please don’t forget to thank @Mikestylezz

Headiquette- “Rules of Receiving” (part 1 of 2)

A friend of mine one time told me that “once tip meets lips all rules go out the window,” even though you may feel that way it is not true. I know it’s hard to think at all while getting some knowledge, but that’s what MikeStylezz and I are here for. We’re going to give you the top 5 rules of Head-iquette for both men and women in two parts, first the rules while receiving and part two will be the rules of giving, both equally important.

“Rules of Receiving” for him (Jaimlou)

Boys when we are doming you up, we expect you to act accordingly (especially if you expect us to go down again)

Down On Bended Knee– Let’s talk positions, a girl is always comfortable on her knees but there are other positions. Lay on your back, sit on the dresser/desk, just make sure your girl is in a comfortable enough position where you will get the best results (trust me the more comfortable she is the better off you are.) Side note while on positions, eye contact- definitely a personal preference. Some girls will look at your while performing and if she does hit her with the eye contact right back, some girls are not as confident and
wont but don’t take it personally just let her do work and don’t even mention it.

Say Ah Ah Ahhh- All words of encouragement are welcome, they actually tend to make us work harder to keep them coming. Now, we understand that you know what’s best, but when giving constructive criticism make sure it’s just that and not instructions. Let her know what she can do to up her game, but don’t give her a step by step manual while your in
her mouth because she might just stop all together and tell you to do it yourself if your such an expert. A nice combination of gratitude and suggestion will go a long way.

Look Ma No Hands- The way we use our hands while going down is our decision, but as for you there are various things you can do with your hands while receiving. Grabbing our hair, arms, or pillows are all encouraged, however pushing our head is a delicate situation. If you are pushing your girl to deep throat and she can by all means go for it, but please if she starts gagging give her a rest (you definitely don’t want that gag reflex to kick in and have her bite down now do you?)

Happy Endings- In order to end with success for both of you, meaning you c*m and she’s willing to go down on you again, you must give her a “heads up.” Let her know when you’re about to finish, and make sure you know where she feels appropriate with you finishing. If she’s okay with swallowing by all means go for it, if she’s ok with a nice little
facial go for it, but if not don’t push it boys because you will be reprimanded.

Rule Of Thumb- I should not need to say this, if there were an oral exam this would be question #1 but just for those who forget…do not push her head down to your crotch to indicate you want some head. Seriously, get more creative and less blunt, but I will tell you 90% of females will get offended and you are less likely to get a blow job and more likely to see the door. (tip: trying going down on her first and if you do a good job she should be more than willing to reciprocate the favor).

“Rules of Receiving” for her (Mike Stylezz)

Keep It Fresh- Literally, I always judge a girl on her feet because if she takes care of her feet she most def would take care of her pu$$y. I`m not putting my mouth on anything thats fuzzy, pimply, discolored or smelly so if you want me to lick it get your situation situated.

Watch The Thighs- I had an ex one time that would always get me in the leglock!!!. Its seems like that turned her on even more so I didnt stop her till she came but my neck would be killing me!!!!

Squirter Alert- Listen, oral sex is a necessity for a good sexual experience and its awesome if you can c*m before the big show. If you know your ish is a super soaker let the homie know before you drown a dude. Only thing worse than a guy gagging on girl skeet is him throwing up on you. Lets keep it sexy. Hey, some guys may even want to swallow your girl nut but run it by him first.

Vocalize it- Don’t have us just going at it till our jaw and neck hurt. If you need us to rub your clit , use our fingers while we do it or lick it a certain way let us know. If you`re getting head and its wack its your fault for not opening your mouth.

Hand Check- Pushing on a guys head makes him feel like a b*tch, you can hold on to it but forcefully pushing it down makes me think like “WTF is going on here Im the man, you better slow that role..”. Plus its not that easy to breathe, when you have coochie juice constricting your airways.

Rule Of Thumb- If I offer to eat a chick out its not for the hell of it, there is an unspoken rule of either having the favor returned or giving up that p*$$y. You been freakin` too long to think that 68 I owe you one ish rocks anymore.

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