2WGZ Spotlight: Wax

This artist choice is a little out of the ordinary for a 2WGZ spotlight, I started the spotlight section to help unknown/up and coming artists get their name out there and up until this point most spotlight artists have been unsigned…until Wax that is. Signed  to Def Jam this past March, Wax may not have the money woes that other street artists do, but he definitely has not lost his street  flow or gritty swag. This Maryland native rapper turned L.A. resident, has been referred to as “the next Eminem” but so has many white rappers in the past 10 years, so what makes him any different? Well, i’m about to let you know!

(although we can see the Em/Wax similarities)

Almost every article/post i’ve read about Wax has categorized him as a “YouTube” sensation, attributing his deal with Def Jam to his digital success, but I believe his success is more than that.

Wax is a musician to say the least, he can rap, sing, write songs, and play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and “sort of play the keys” so yeah he’s kind of talented. As well all know in today’s music industry talent isn’t everything though, lucky for Wax he has that extra swag that intrigues people to bring hi to the next level.

Wax’s Youtube super-stardom was made from a simple video  (“New Crack”) of him driving around with his twin brother rapping over Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam… he got over a million views (1,444,639  to be exact today) for showing off his pure talent, no flashing lights or bullshit like that.

With his virtual library full of freestyles as well as free music that exhibit his raw talent, lyrical genius, and flawless timing, it was no surprise to his fans that he caught the attention of Def Jam. When he announced his signing to Def Jam this past March, many were skeptical of where his career would go. The digital takeover is still fairly new so we have not seen the lifespan of a digital success in the music industry thus far, but if Lil B is any indication of where a YouTube video can take you, Wax is destined for sold out concerts and magazine covers.

Wax’s second release on Def Jam, a mixtape, Eviction Notice was released November 28, 2011 and received by critics pretty damn well! The video (seen above)  “coins” off of this tape was what originally was sent to me that got me listening to Wax, him and EOM blend perfectly together…and as ironic as it seems my favorite line from this track is about us bloggers, but it’s so dope I can’t hate!

Same goes for you lame trolls blogging I would recommend less dick riding and more jogging, you at your computer desk sipping your super big gulp eating little debbie snacks and newtons full of fig pulp I’m talking to you its sunny out enjoy it That bicycle you purchased was like money down the toilet Yo its funny how steroided your confidence seems When the last time you got laid hipsters were rocking big jeans 2Pac was in his teens Variations of the running man were popular routines

Wax over a simple beat definitely showcases his rapping ability the best, which has been said about some of hip-hop’s greatest, I just hope that Def Jam doesn’t put this talented artist on the back burner because he has a lot to offer and I look forward to what he can shock us with in the future! (Eviction Notice Download after the jump)

Download Eviction Notice Here




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