Canibus Channeling His Inner Lil Kim? Disses J. Cole But Why?

I saw @SermonsDomain tweeting about some Canibus x J. Cole beef and I was immediately confused, mostly because Jermaine continuously speaks in interviews about how Cannibus inspired him to become a rapper, and how he was one of the first rappers that he admired.  J. Cole first started rapping and battling on a Cannibus Forum, and respects and honors the veteran rapper time and time again.

Canibus is releasing a new album in 2012, Rip The Jacker 2, and will undoubtably be compared to Lil Kim for this unwarranted beef used as promo. ‘Bus needs to stop dissing random people, but to go at someone who defends you is really low! In an interview with Toure, Cole recalls a fight he got into with an old head dissing ‘Bus once,

“We was on the bus, I think we were like going to some basketball game. It was this older dude, he didn’t know what he was talking about. He was dissing Canibus and I got mad.”

So here’s the letter “Captain Cold Crunch” release along with the song trying to justify his reason for the dis.


So Jermaine playing some of your old music at his shows, and appreciating your music publicly is all for show to “give the impression he loves hip-hop and real lyricism”?? What is wrong with that exactly? Doesn’t that imply that he thinks you are a true lyricist? Moving onto his next horrible point…

Cole might say he does this to pay homage, but in reality, by him playing my older material owned by my former label dating back to 1998, subsequently overlooking my current works and contributions which directly benefit me now, he is treating me less like an artist that has, and continues to contribute, influence, and inspire an even younger generation of MC’s coming up, and more like an artist that has physically passed on already(i.e. Tupac, B.I.G., Big L, Heavy D, Eyeda): you get the point I’m trying to make. I can’t help but to think that he is not nearly as sincere or genuine as he would like real hip hop heads to think he is because he speaks about me like I am dead.

WOW so much ridiculous statements right here to take in…CURRENT WORKS?! Why would any artist warm up a crowd playing? 1. because everything you’ve released in the past year has been a diss song and who wants to play into your worthless beefs? 2. because no one in the crowd would recognize or know a current track of yours!

Who would play a slaughterhouse or DJ Premiere diss when they are more relevant than you are?

I’m sorry Canibus but I don’t get the point you are trying to make! Cole has never said RIP Canibus or implied you were dead in anyway, shape, or form…stop being such a sensitive and delusional bitch and get in the studio and make a song that doesn’t diss someone!

You think Jay-z gets offended when people play a song off The Blueprint to warm up a crowd? Nah

Download Canibus ft. His People “J Clone” Here

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  1. I gotta agree. this is pretty retarded. what the hell was he thinking with this? Cole is the only mainstream act or any act for that matter, that actually gives Canibus props. in hip hops eyes, canibus has been relevant for years. why would he suddenly flip on a dude who actually keeps his name alive? this cant be life…

  2. *irrelevant

  3. Canibus desperately wants a spot on the Roc, I’ve suspected that since that Beanie dis track. Im a huge Canibus fan, I know all his lyrics like a freak, I think he deserves more recognition but not all that much, honestly I think he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. He makes ridiculous lyrics but he doesn’t make good songs, I said it. There is making music you can just vibe to and then there is Canibus where you have to listen close like its an EVP recording. His voice isn’t exactly what you’d call mellow. In that regard he is limited as an artist.The beat is irrelevant when it comes to true Canibus fans, only the rhymes. With that said, becoming a mainstream mc like Jay-Z consists of more than just razor sharp rhymes. Canibus acts like he’s supposed to be one of the richest rappers but the industry fucked him… No, they didn’t. He’s an egomaniac, he should have let that LL shit slide, its called seniority, just because you’re Canibus they’re supposed to put you on a throne and suck you off? Who is you!? I hate LL for that bitch move but he is a legend and who cares if he did some punk shit? LL was already on his way out.. Imagine what could have been, ok? Lets say he never made 2nd Round K.O and he just rolled with the punches. Would Canibus be any more popular than he is now? LL’s torch would have went to Canibus imo and he would have went from label to label throughout the years but c’ mon now, he sucks at making normal songs, even his beat selections are horrible to me, he’s a battle style rapper who never really battled anyone in a normal setting, the whole thing is weird. He disses people out of nowhere over some silly shit or for no reason at all (Jin) from an undisclosed location like a clown, his track record is spotty. He blamed Clef for the flop.. Im a producer and that really pisses me off, Clef put him on! That Buckingham Palace track is one of his illest tracks of all time. Later had problems with Premo’ over a beat.. Its Premo fool, use whatever beat he gives you because your taste in beats are atrocious! Dude just pisses people off everywhere he goes because of his enormous ego, and I have to ask, is his ego really justified? You’re a legend before you’re even known by most people!? How? Group Home songs? Why does he think he deserves special treatment? Its a cut-throat business, for a “smart guy” he’s not too bright. Now look at this nonsense, you dis a guy and then you retract it? Imo he only threw that Beanie & J.Cole dis out there because he knew the higher ups at the ROC would take notice and maybe they would take a chance on him. Goes from East Coast to West Coast, “It’s definitely a different vibe west of the Prime Meridian, producers play with live instruments, rhymes are wittier..”, thats a dis aimed at East Coast when he switched sides due to things not going his way over here. The thing that really disillusioned me though was his military stunt. What kind of man enlists with the military as a publicity stunt during war-time? Again, its always me, me, me. He went in for publicity and so he can rap about guns and make that tough guy transition. Didn’t work, it got even cornier when heads caught onto his antics. When he had enough of the military he smoked some weed and got booted. If Canibus was a cooler more approachable dude who smiles more with 90% less ego he could’ve done it big. Now its all illuminati gibberish, I can see through it all. Lupe, Cani, IT, no matter what kind of rapper you are you need to make yourself relevant, *about* something. Lupe tried the skater thing, didn’t fit, he was faking it and people called him on it. He’s not a thug, now its all illuminati, wtf else can he rap about? Look at Jay, his work is all mind games these days leaving subtle clues about the illuminati, he learned that from the Beatles, leaving clues in his album covers and saying things to get weirdos obsessing over every word forwards and backwards. He rapped about everything already, Youtube resurrected his career, got kids listening to a 40+ year old guy worth like half a billion nobody can relate to lol, he is a smart guy, he found his relevance again. Canibus went the conspiracy route but from a whistle-blower angle like IT, which is fine but it brackets you in a category. You become “that” guy, the last thing Canibus needs is more alienation if he wants to blow up big. All his extraterrestrial ufo shit already got people thinking he’s corny, I didn’t mind it but when I play his songs for friends they get turned off by it and smile like “Oh he’s one those cats…. Gtfoh, Im too G for aliens..”, you know the type. Idk, I’ll continue to buy his stuff but that “OMG ITS CANIBUS’ NEW ALBUM!” energy is gone. His last few albums the beats always sounds the same (by that I mean digital and generic like one guy made everything, not much style variety) in one way or another and whether its dope not I think 1 or 2 songs about the illuminati is enough. Canibus should start battling in an actual league, get his battle rap credibility up because right now its like some myth and not cemented, that shit might have gone well 10 years ago but these days with all the leagues and real battle mc’s going at it…. Dudes like Bender from Canada spit sickly like Canibus in his prime, compete and bring out that ill style he used to have, his own ego is his own worst enemy, I wish him the best. I’d love to see him come with that old school trademark Canibus make people “Ssssss!” stuff.

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