Canibus Learns Not All Press Is Good Press- Retracts J. Cole Diss

So Canibus must have been reading some blogs in the past 48 hours, because only 2 short days after releasing a diss song about J. Cole and an open letter about his reasoning for the track, ‘Bus is now apologizing.

Canibus has released a video taking back his slanderous words toward Jermaine, and hip-hop all together.

 “I’ve seen thousands and thousands of comments of [‘J. Cole’], and all the negativity it’s stirring up,” he said. “After 48 hours of, I feel confident enough to say that it’s unanimous. Hip-hop has spoken up loud and clear, it’s a ‘cole world’ right now, and you’re reignin’ champ, J. I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for steppin’ over the line. It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it’s just not G. I love hip-hop too much to further justify my selfish behavior.”

Alright besides the obvious comments about his publicity stunt not working, and him looking like an even bigger fool for having to apologize, he looks like a child. Just today when I was a guest on my girl Natsha’s radio show “The Build Up” on DC Elite Radio (nice plug I know!) We were talking about the indie artist grind, and my first comment was when building your brand to stay true to who you are as an artist and not to change depending on what’s hot or not. Canibus, I gave that advice to up and coming artists and as a veteran you should know that by now, but yet here you are doing the exact opposite! SMH

Oh and that Canibus album he’s desperately promoting…I think allhiphop put it best; “Want to know more about Canibus’ album? That’s what Google is for, people.”

End of Round 2 by my count that would be J. Cole- 2 and Canibus-0…it is a Cole World

Watch the video here

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