David Banner Lives Out The Shit Bloggers Start, And For Free?

Well, I have  just been informed that if David Banner ever runs into me he promises to smack my bitch ass? Hitting an innocent white girl because she’s a hip-hop blogger I don’t think that would work wonders for your image Mr. Banner!

Let’s start from the beginning…David Banner was on #SWAYInTheMorning talking all this shit about V-Nasty and Kreayshawn and how he’s more hood than them. Okay, totally agree with you there I would never try and argue that (or ever think it was ok for V-Nasty to use the N-word -so bravo) now if he had only ended there! Well, he didn’t and I’m going to go ahead and say that was a BIG fucking mistake. Have you not noticed who is basically running the music industry trends lately?  All those labels? Nah, there’s about 3 of those left…it would be the blogs. Sites like RapRadar, 2DBZ, YouHeardThatNew, are checked daily by very easily influenced music lovers…so if I need to put it together for you David Banner here it goes: You piss off the bloggers – they wont write about you…they don’t write about you and no one knows when you release new music or will care…and you will fade out and become as irrelevant as V-Nasty (where will they see your music video? MTV? HA because they play music)

Who is from the hip-hop culture? Can I get a list of cities or states? Maybe age brackets? (Please get back to me on this as I would like to know if I am)

He’s pissed because bloggers interpret his songs the way we hear it? Hmmm so should he not be pissed about any person who Tweets about his music, or DJ who might introduce his song with their own description of the track? Music is supposed to be open for interpretation…. I highly doubt you will ever go onto a music blog and read a blogger stating something is true about an artist from what they thought they heard in the lyrics. If you do happen to ever come across a flase statement or accusation against you there is this thing called e-mail (usually found through the “contact us” section of a blog) click it…write a message to the blogger personally and press send. Simple enough.

We would not have to talk about how stupid you are if you didn’t act publicly dumb…you don’t hear Justin Bieber making threats to hip-hop bloggers for talking shit about his rapping ability? If the Biebs can take it and you can’t David Banner, I think you really need to re-evaluate yourself and how “hood” you really are.

All these people who give us money to put up “banners and shit” and we now get paid on reporting when something actually does happen? – example A of a stupid statement

Oh and threats like the following will get you no where, if you have a publicist fire them for allowing this!

“I’m sick of these little blog site motherfuckers next time you say something about me i’m gonna come and see your little ass behind the keyboard and the shit that you want us to do to each other imma do to your bitch ass”

Last thing…leave Biggie and Pac out of your rants


A white girl, hip-hop blogger, music interpretor, shit-starting motherfucker….


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