2011 End Of The Year Awards

As we begin 2012 I’ve reviewed all the lists of 2011, the great lists of music, artists, mixtapes, singles, and albums. I found we were missing one thing…The unbelievable social media moments that hip-hop gave us in 2011. So 2WGZ (@JaimLou) enlisted our boy Chris, from NextInShow (@ihate_chris), to represent not only the West Coast but the male perspective here in our 1st Annual End Of The Awards.

There are 15 categories, each group of nominees earned their right to be mentioned here today, you all definitely made it tough on us to pick winners but I have no doubt you will all keep it up for 2012 and keep us bloggers busy all year long!

1. Craziest Sex Scandal

  • Joe Budden & Esther Baxter
  • Mister Cee
  • Breezy & Raz B
  • Penn State
  • Biebs Pregnancy Scare
  • Weiner
  • Courtney Stodden marries Doug Hutchinson

@ihate_chris- Penn State. The coaches and staff at Penn State gladly receive this award. Who would have thought such a distinguished school could pull off such an undistinguished scandal.

@JaimLouMister Cee is my winner, this scandal blew (pun indented) up from one DJ getting charged with “public lewdness” with a tranny to an all out battle between NYC’s two hip-hop stations. Hot97’s Funkmaster Flex went all Flex Hogan on the Breakfast Club throwing out subliminals on air, and in return Charlamagne took a more direct method and awarded him with “Donkey of The Day” oh and let’s not forget about the suspect press release put out from Flex’s ex-wife about filing for divorce o_0

2. Heaux Of The Year:

  • Amber Rose
  • El Diablo
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Casey Anthony
  • Kat Stacks
  • Thirsty Groupies

@ihate_chris- Congratulations Kim. Your awarded Heaux of the year. I’m sure you were Ho Ho Hoping to not claim this prize, but hey any publicity is good publicity right?

@JaimLouI have to go with Amber Rose on this one, all though all these smuts had me ashamed of my own gender, Amber is the one who made little girls all over believing that being a heaux is a professional full time job. Yeezy taught her, now Wiz is reaping the benefits and we are the ones who have to see it! The naked pictures were one thing, but these Wiz/Amber PDA pictures must be stopped! Wiz a little advice, you cant turn a ho into a housewife and your girlfriend is a Hofessional.

3. Artist That Made Our Ears Bleed

  • Lil Kim
  • Soulja Boy
  • Kreayshawn/ V-Nasty
  • Brian Pumper
  • Kim K

@ihate_chris: 2 for 2 Kim in the categories you were nominated in. Your definitely a star in your own right, but music is not your calling you beautiful piece of heaven. Stick to…whatever it is you do.

@JaimLou -v-nasty/kreayshawn- Did you even question who my winner would be? No explanation needed yall know how I feel…#FuckWhiteGirlMob

Honorable Mention: Nicki Minaj for “stupid hoe” FOH don’t make me get in the studio and diss you too Nicki…”who’s gassing this ho, BP?” smh

4. Most Suspect Artist of 2011

  • Aubs
  • Breezy
  • Diddy
  • Gleams
  • Bow Wow
  • Raz B

@ihate_chris- I’m going to have to award this category to Raz Bizzle. When he came out on national radio/tv talking all that homosexual nonsense, that was definitely an over-the-top moment this year.

@JaimLou- My homie Pretty Tone put it best anout my winner Aubs….” This n**ga commited to excellence in gay wizardry nahmean. This n**ga probably got a gateway to Narnia in his closet n all that namsayin. Word.” Aubs Wins

5. 2011 Sports Moment

  • Penn. State
  • NBA Lockout
  • Lebron Loses Again
  • Athlete’s Wives Breakout w/ TV Shows
  • Mavs NBA Championship Celebration

@ihate_chris- The NBA Lockout wins in this category. This association was literally about to cancel the whole season of American basketball, and of course the main focus was money. It wasn’t until ‘holiday season’, which was a perfect time to reinstate and capitalize.

@JaimLou ThankYouBasedGod that the NBA is back, with that being said nothing made me happier than to see Bron Bron lose another Championship after leaving his home state of Ohio, even better I think were the AMAZING photo shop jobs done of Bron throughout the internet!

6. Best Of Breezy

  • Sisqo Hair Transformation
  • GMA Freak Out
  • Dial Tone
  • Naked BBM Picture
  • Twitter Freak Out
  • Beef With Frank Ocean

@ihate_chris- I think the beef with Frank Ocean was his best moment. Like as soon as Frank Ocean starts making moves and sparking trends, Breezy is right there to involve himself and crush dreams. Good thing it didn’t last. Frank Ocean for President 2012.

@JaimLou All these moments really made my year! Since I have to chose one…I think it might be when he freaked out and deleted his Twitter because of something a fan said, mostly out of pure jealously that I was not the one to get him to delete his Twitter. So to you out there whoever you may be I salute you and your Breezy slander!

7. Best Of The Award Shows

  • Weezy Leggings
  • Beyonce Announcing Pregnancy
  • Tiffany Green Moment
  • Shady Cypher
  • Tyler The Creator Winning MTV VMA
  • Steve Stout’s Letter to the Grammy’s

@ihate_chris- Again I feel Shady Cypher really  made an impression this year with award shows. Although Weezy’s Leggings come in an immediate second, It’s about the music first.

@JaimLou Although Weezy’s jeggings had it’s own Twitter account within minutes of the award show, I have to go with Tyler’s win. For me as a blogger I forget not everyone will know the rappers I talk about. I felt that a lot of people didn’t recognize Tyler and his Golf Wangs as mainstream, or even understand how he got nominated for this award. As an avid Odd Future supporter I could not have been more happy when Tyler proved all the haters wrong and got up there and accepted his award his way! GOLF WANG

8. RIP

  • D. Dot
  • Mister Cee
  • Planking
  • Charlie Scheen
  • Thirst
  • Lupe Fiasco (@wayno119 and @brick_james already laid him to rest to we shall let him be)
  • Bieber Rapping

@ihate_chris- RIP Planking. Shit got weird, to say the least. Moving on…

@JaimLou– D.Dot- Since I have been told by many of 2WGZ faithful followers that they starting reading this blog because of the beautiful funeral service I held for him after his fatal WTT incident, I will award D. Dot the winner of this category. Don’t get me wrong I support my fellow bloggers every opportunity I get! When someone goes and fucks with his own blog’s reputation cool do ya thing, but don’t publicly do some dumb shit that has the industry and the fans questioning bloggers’ integrity…that’s why we had to lay you to rest D.Dot RIP

9. You Won in 2011

  • Big Ghostfase
  • Racks on Racks
  • WTT released without any leaks
  • Odd Future
  •  MMG
  •  The Weeknd
  • TMI 103 Released

@ihate_chris- I’m didn’t pick Odd Future because I’m from the West Coast, but for the fact that they completely took over and changed the game this year. Here are a few other reasons: Tyler releasing Goblin, also winning Best New Artist. Their hardcore punk influenced shows. They have amazing numerous talents/subgroups within the group. Their merchandise makes more money than their music at this point in time. Odd Future, You Won.

@JaimLou- WTT no leak- This one was really tough for me, it was hard for me not to choose Odd Future or my boy Big Ghostfase, but the WTT album impacted Hip-Hop the greatest in my mind. It all started with the build up all summer, the first time in I don’t know how long an album did not leak online before the release date (although we know you tried your hardest D. Dot) the NYC pop-up store, the tour, and now leading us into 2012 with the promise of WTT 2. I can’t remember the last time I pre-ordered the hard copy of an album, let alone purchasing it on itunes too just so I could hear it the night it came out! The excitement around this album reminded me of how powerful music really is.

10. #BlackTwitter

  • Slander
  • Fake RT
  • FB Massacre
  • Cuffing Season
  • #WhenDrakeCries
  • Gleams

@ihate_chris- This is the only nominee that really stands out in my mind. I believe it was around the time Take Care ‘leaked’, #WhenDrakeCries had to be trending on Twitter worldwide for a few days. Also around the same time he was putting out a lot of his emo-drug music, so I guess it makes sense. It’s amazing how much affect can come from one person. Take Care. Platinum.

@JaimLou- I must say I learned so much in 2011 from #BlackTwitter, but the most tears were shed from that lonely picture of one “rapper” known as Gleams, just a man hanging out in his trench coat who like to water down his juice every morning….

11. Greatest Comeback

  • Kelly Rowland
  • Label Announcements
  • Rap Groups
  • TI
  • R&B
  • Jeezy

@ihate_chris- My West Coast senses are telling me that Rap Groups or Crews in general has to be the Greatest Comeback. With Odd Future and Overdoz over here to MayBach Music Group, Brick Squad and YMCMB over there, no doubt that hip hop is headed in an interesting direction.

@JaimLou–  Representing for my females, I must go with the return of REAL panty dropping R&B. Between The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and The Dream, boys if you couldn’t get a girl in bed with these guys help i’m sorry to say you may be a lost cause!

12.  Beef of 2011

  • Ja Rule vs. 50
  • Ray J vs. Fab
  • Kim vs. Nicki
  • Hot 97 vs. Breakfast Club
  • R&Beef (Lloyd vs. Miguel)
  • Weezy vs. Hov

@ihate_chris- Since Southern California is only 3 hours away from Las Vegas, we tend to hear about a lot of the ‘city of sin’ garbage. Ray J takes the cake by turning this meaningless altercation into a full blown stunt-a-thon. Shout out to Fabolous for keeping his cool. Ray J isn’t giving L.A. a good name talking about all that. Like your OG album title, “This Ain’t A Game”.

@JaimLou -I have to agree with Chris on this one, hands down this was greatest thing Brandy’s brother has ever done! I will never forget waking up and hearing Ray J on the breakfast club at 9am just hyped as shit! I knew the money team was gangsta before this but 7 Rolls Royces and bitches by the pool? Shitttttt you ain’t Omarion Ray! #OnlyDJClueCanSquashIt

13. Most Delusional in 2011

  • Lil Kim and using paypal
  • Q from WSHH
  • Mariah…painting stomach & HSN Appearance
  • Diddy changing his name to swag
  • Canibus starting beef with random rappers

@ihate_chris- This incident took me back to when Canibus stirred up beef with Shady and Aftermath 10 years ago. He wasn’t relevant then and he isn’t relevant now. Congratulations “YOUR NAME HERE” you finally won.

@JaimLou- Kimmy Blanco you win in my book! I didn’t think  someone could out crazy Q from WSHH after he called himself the “black Jesus,” but the Queen Bee out did herself when she SOLD her mixtape on paypal first…and the most delusional part of all is the amount she actually tried to say she sold!!!! I’ll let the Rap-Up’s interview with her do the talking….

You tweeted that you sold 113,000 copies of Black Friday within 28 hours. Is that accurate?
Right now it could be more.”–FOH Kim!!!

14. #1 Trend To Leave In 2011

  • Jorts
  • WSHH
  • Aubs’ Sweaters
  • Face Tats
  • Name Changing
  • Soulja Boy- Just all together him being relevant
  • Fox News hating on Hip- Hop

@ihate_chris- Name Changing. This is a Trend that needs to become a fad by the year’s end. Your given a name at birth, which is unique to each one of us and was picked with meaning. Keep it. Deal with it.

@JaimLou– SMH all of these NEED to go! If I have to pick one….Face tattoos! It started with Gucci Mane and his Ice Cream cone and ended with that cringe worthy Drake forehead tattoo…MAKE IT STOP! You look like idiots and give tattoos a bad name!

15. Blogger’s Choice- Now for the last category I called on my fellow Bloggers! I e-mailed some of the most influential Hip-Hop bloggers out there in 2011 and asked them what moments in 2011 made their year. The e-mails I got back were priceless, from an award worthy article about an event that re-inspired hip-hop, to the lovely one word e-mail from my more 420 friendly blogger homie (you know who you are!) Either way I could not have made it through this year without these guys so I just wanted to quickly shoutout all the great bloggers and journalists out there in Hip-Hop in the past year who have helped me and inspired me to keep going!

So last but not least, here are your favorite bloggers’ favorite moments:

  • Kevin Hart x Heaux in Bath Catches on Fire
  • Webby- BET Ban
  • Shady Cypher
  • WTT listening party
  • Rick Ross’s seizures
  • Wackest beef ever between MGK & Yelawolf
  • JoJo Simmons x Tranny Situation
  • Young Jeezy Concert at Highline Ballroom

@ihate_chris– The Shady Cypher from the 2011 BET Awards was hands down the most talked about and remembered performance from the show. The performance included Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse and Marshall Mathers as Slim Shady. Only time can tell what comes next for that camp in 2012.

@JaimLou  Although Webbie getting banned from BET was a front runner, I have to agree with The Shady Cypher…instead of my reason for this winner i’m going to let my boy @itimeless from Rap Dose explain the significance of this moment in 2011…

With all that Hip Hop has blessed us with in the year of 2011 I knew it would prove difficult to choose anything as my moment overall, from the mainstream musical greatness that was Watch The Throne, Canibus coming out of the cave he was hiding in and dissing J. Cole (who finally managed to release an album), the ugly Twitter chaos that led to Joe Budden’s emotionally powerful “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3” and more. There was one moment in time however, where I felt Hip Hop couldn’t have been represented better to the world while I enjoyed every second of its existence. If there’s one thing the BET Hip Hop Awards have ever done correctly, they have introduced the concept of having cyphers before every return from a commercial break. It quickly became the captivating part of the Award show, and BET (for once) did something right with their programming powers and put the new and improved Shady 2.0 team at the end of the latest edition. With over 9 solid minutes of freestyling over a haunting beat that allowed the artists to shine individually, Hip Hop fans could’ve been upset with any other thing but for those 7-9 minutes? I sat in my living room, not as a blogger or a writer, but as a fan and supporter of the greatest genre of music to ever exist as a team of talented MCs completely dismantled the time slot put before them.

Yela’s distorted delivery, Budden’s slick dominating rhymes, Crooked’s rapid fire ether skills, Ortiz’s viciously mean punchlines, Nickel Nine’s catchy unforgettable lines (Hi Rihanna… No really Hi Rihanna) and to top it all off the boss man Slim Shady destroying the last 2 minutes solo? Not to mention playing the hype man with banter and comments before each artist? The feel was in the air, the chaos between socials networks was amazing, and most importantly… the “who was better?” chatter was flying left and right, and I didn’t see ONE individual remain unimpressed. That type of unity is something we don’t see too often in Hip Hop since it’s so diverse, but from the “Backpackers” to the “Old heads” the only concern was debating, representing your choice of the best, while all in agreement that what we witnessed was something worth calling the moment of the year.

Couldn’t have said it better myself Tim!

Well there you have congrats to all the nominees and a special thanks to all the winners for the endless amounts of real tears you brought to our eyes, I look forward to the embarrassing and career ending moments of 2012!

I will leave you with one last thought….still no Detox in 2011


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