FACEBOOK MUST CHILL! “If I Die” App Going Entirely Too Far

It’s bad enough Facebook has brought stalking to a whole new level, but now you can stalk your dead friends? Nah i’m good!

This morbidly creepy app is called  “If I Die” and was created by an Israeli start-up company that specializes in time capsule products (not weird at all…)

The way this works is the free app lets you leave a Facebook message behind that isn’t posted until you are officially in the morgue (this is worse than writing your own obituary)

The app asks the question? “What will you leave behind?”

“The creators suggest you share a life story, or even a secret you have never share before. How does the app know you’re dead? It doesn’t. You appoint three trustees from your Facebook friends lost, who will be messaged when you die. Only when those three have confirmed your death will your final message be passed on, either as a video or a text message.”

The app already has 5,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook. I cannot believe there are already 5,000 who are this crazy!!! ON TOP of this….Facebook already offers a “memorial service”, once it’s confirmed someone has passed, and only friends can see that page. GTFOH

“We try to protect the deceased’s privacy by removing sensitive information such as contact information and status updates,” said Facebook in a blog update.

I’m sorry but this is entirely too far!!!! FACEBOOK YOU NEED TO CHILL!

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