Get Em Weezy- Lil Wayne vs. Dez Bryant

Weezy has made himself clear at this point, despite being shorter than I am, he does not give a fuck if you are an athlete or not he will go at you!

Apparently Weezy F Baby and Dez Bryant from the Cowboys got into it this weekend in Miami, the brawl broke out over one half of the fight’s unpaid debts (don’t F with his money yo!)

CBS News reported that this fight started up because Dez Bryant allegedly has unpaid debts owed to Endurance Capital Fund. The company just so happens to have ties to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment record label. Soooo Weezy and his crew (too bad it wasn;t the money crew)  were getting on Bryant’s case about paying up those debts which could be as much as $50k. Weezy getting his mobster thug on!

This little Wayne (pun intended) and Dez Bryant situation ended in Bryant being detained by police. Either way no one was arrested but Cowboys owner is standing by his player saying he’s not in debt…

“His maturation over the last two years has been outstanding. Relative to his habits with meetings, on time, timeliness, preparation and the kinds of things we were concerned about when we drafted him he’s made tremendous progress.”

First Miami, now the Cowboys, Weezy is going after all the teams I hate….so i’m down with the cause!

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