OFWGKTA Could Be Burning Shit In A Town Near You! (2012 Tour Dates)

Alright kids, grab your Supreme hats, knee high socks, and converse because the Wang of Golf is coming to you (well at least they are if you live in one of the 12 cities they’re visiting) 

From what Tyler has said before, pop up shops will also be open at these locations. Swag.



Here’s Odd Future’s 2012 Check List (Clearly they can say fuck school because less than a month into the year and they’ve got it all down!)

1. Tour-  Tyler recently announced the 2012 tour date’s on the Odd Future website…

“Hey, A Cute OF Tour. Around The Time OF Tape Vol 2 Comes Out. Click Photo To Get Your Tickets, Before Scalpers Get Them And You Complain About The Resale Price And Shit. K, Bye. P.S, Love. “

2. Mixtape-  Going by the book as always, Odd Future released a press release video announcing OF Tape Vol. 2, no hints at Earl appearing on the mixtape yet (FREEEARL)

Here’s L-Boy giving y’all da rundown on da OF and shit.

3. Solo Albums- According to the video press release, Tyler will be releasing sophomore full-length Wolf, in May.  MellowHype, plans on a summer release for its second album, titled Numbers.

4. TV Show- The ofwgkta Adult Swim show, Loiter Squad, premieres on March 25 and so far we know from the Adult Swim website that the show “features sketches, man on the street segments, pranks, and music from Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All.”


and just to get you in the Golf Wang mood…(they said fuck security)

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