Late Night With Ryshon Jones (New Music & Video)

Ryshon Jones cannot be stopped…aspiring rappers take notes this is how you grab bloggers attention! First we have a trailer for a mixtape for Ry’s new project entitled Happily Unhappy.  Following his Friday EP  this will feature The Weeknd sample based music…obviously with Ryshon’s mix (out 2/10/12).

#2 for Ryshon news today is his new joint “Letter To Jhene Aiko” apparently he cannot get this girl out of his mind….here’s what he says abou the song

 “To sum up this song, when I listen to Jhene Aiko I get this weird feeling inside because listening to her literally brings me close to a girl I lost,”

Download Here

Last, final, and most exciting Ryshon Jones update is a new video for “Late Night With My Best Friend Part II,” to call this a music video would be an understatement. This is part 1 of a horror film that left you on a serious cliff hanger wanting more, but don’t come to me for the ending we have to wait for Ryshon to find out what happens next.

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