Wanna Know If Earl Sweatshirt Is Free?

Complex Magazine journalists can finally rest! Earl Sweatshirt, according to his new Twitter account, has rejoined his Wang brothers in L.A.! Last time we thought Earl was “freed” from the Somoan boot camp, we were all played by his biggest fan Tyler, this time we apparently have proof.

This clip was uploaded today of Earl asking for 50,000 followers on his new twitter acct (@EarlxSweat) so I guess it’s a waiting game until this account hits his asked for amount of followers if this is true or not (cause Earl doesn’t turn 18 until February  24th so it could be another fuck you to us bloggers).

So either way I guess ThankYouBasedGod for freeing Earl!

About jaimlou

Manager of Publicity & Artists Relations at LULU COHEN MEDIA

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  1. Golf Wang. I hope Tyler isn’t bein a troll about it cuz that shit is serious

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