Hey Skrillex…DeadMau5 Wants To Know If You’re Mad Tho Bro


DeadMau5 wins! He pulled a Mike Jones on the homie Skrillex, but instead of putting his number in a song he just put it on his shirt while walking the red carpet for Music’s biggest night of the year….no big deal

Oh and if the millions watching didn’t catch the red carpet Joel (Deadmau5) tweeted a nice close up picture of the phone number under the text “Maximum trolling achieved.”

I don’t think Sonny’s gonna be mad tho…homie already won 3 Grammys! Congrats Skrillex he’s making huge strides for producers and DJ’s everywhere…but make sure you call him just to fuck with him!

Oh but downer…Sonny doesn’t have a voicemail set up! so maybe shoot him 42 congratulatory texts REMEMBER Skrillex’s number, 626-319-1039!!!

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  1. Just to let you know you used the improper form of your in the title. You’re implying ownership, and your post is riddled with similar mistakes. I’d look into litigation with your high school english teacher. But judging by your content you probably are in Highschool.

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