WTF moments of the week 2WGZ Recap!

So if you missed out on these most ridiculous and shameful moments this week…well you are welcome because I am here to catch you up (mostly because I cannot feel this pity alone!)

Up first is the infamously disgraceful Miss Kim Kardashian…

Before I get called a “hater” I appreciate Kim’s good look and don’t deny her of that, but GOD DAMN GIRL! Get it together because you make it way to easy for us to slander you!

Kim Kardashian Mystery Man LAX
So I read on TheSuperficial that Kimmy has reached a new low this week….didn’t think it was possible! Home girl is now bringing out her “groomer” to make headlines…you know she just sits at home and thinks of ways to make blogs, so since she’s putting in all the effort to get that “Kim K & Her New Man” headline i figured i’d throw her a bone!
Next up…another person who is no stranger to the blogs,  Slaughterhouse’s own Joe Budden. Now we know Joey’s sanity is questionable, but is that an Ugg coat you’re wearing b?
 Besides looking like inspector gadget over there (thank you thehoodcnn) your crazy ass is bombarded with slander on Twitter and your response is to threaten the public with a picture of your dick?!?!? FOH!!! There is something seriously wrong if that is your go to threat! smh!
Now here’s my favorite moment of this week, I honestly thought I read the headline wrong at first! So remember Fred Durst and his little band Limp Bizkit…yeah we’re going back kiddos, to the days of “Rollin” “Nookie” and my favorite “N 2 Gether Now” i’m not gonna lie I was a fan! Keyword there though WAS!
So you can imagine my surprise when i saw “Limp Bizkit” in a blog headline this week….joining other acts I used to be a fan of, such as Mystikal, Ashanti, and Busta, Limp Bizkit is the newest to sign to Cash Money, I couldn;t make this up if I tried!
 Weezy called into KISS FM and confirmed the whole situation….

“As far as Cash Money, they’re always listening and looking at acts, so honestly, it’s like every other day I hear about somebody new just signed to Cash Money. Not speaking about R&B, I mean, just for example, the other day I found out Limp Bizkit signed to Cash Money. So, they’re signing everybody.”

and if that isnt enough evidence for you…
SMH at all yall!

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