Who Is Chief Keef tho?

So here we have a song with Kanye, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Big Sean, and Chief Keef….let’s play a game of who doesn’t belong! If you didn’t pick Chief Keef i’m assuming you didn’t do very well on your SATs. So how did this homie get a song with GOOD music’s all-star team? I had no idea, luckily the boys at 2dopeboyz, complex, and Gawker did their homework and have a little background for us on this 16 year old rapper.

No surprise Chief Keef is from Chicago, you know G.O.O.D. music loves them some chi-town rappers, but there’s a lot of rappers in Chicago why this guy? Back in February, Complex named him one of 10 Chicago rappers to look out for, but there were 9 others on that list that did not get a joint with Yeezy.

What I learned from Complex about Keef is that the 16-year-old started his road to fame with a video on the always classy WorldStarHipHop (this is a great indication of how the rest of his story will play out by the way) this video was of a kid losing his shit celebrating Keef’s release from jail. Yes the high-school had been arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon, and the joy this boy had when he was released put him on the gully rap map.

All the WSHH heads googled Chief Keef and found his YouTube video “Bang.”  Keeping with his street theme, the video had a ratchet hood theme…kids with no shirts on rapping along to a song, what’s more gangster than that? “Bang” was already an anthem for teens across the city (with 400K YouTube views), but once the chicken heads at WSHH got ahold of it, the clip shot to over 750,000 views.

Then BasedGod intervened and  jumped on the remix, and Soulja Boy contributed a verse to another of Keef’s hits, “3Hunna.”

I think Meka described him brilliantly; “It’s ratchet as shit. Like, extremely ratchet. Imagine if the riotous energy Lex Luger and Fozzie Bear mated with the nihilistic, recently-got-shot-9-times 50 Cent and created its own thugged-out offspring, and you have Chief Keef.”

Sounds like a winning combo right? Well allegedly  Bad Boy, Def Jam and more think so!  It’s been rumored that Keef has affiliated himself with Soulja Boy’s SODMG click. L SMH don’t do it youngin you can’t be gangsta and have pretty boy swag at the same time!!

Either way keep this kid on your radar cause I have a feeling you will be hearing more from him!


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