Lesson For The Ladies: How to look like Beyonce but act like Rihanna (2WGZ Bedroom Rules)

lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets ;)
Lessons for the ladies are back! We’re kicking it off with the always popular bedroom rules edition! (disclaimer: I’m sorry but nothing you are about to read will actually make you look like Beyonce I apologize for any confusion)

How often do you hear a guy talking to his homies about getting a chick who’s “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?” They’re not quoting Lil Flip because that’s their favorite rapper (well at least not the ones you’re going after) they are blatantly telling us what they want ladies! No man wants to wife a heaux, you think anyone wants to bring Kat Stacks home to meet their mom? Nah, but they do want to sleep with her don’t they? Yes ladies, I know being called a ratchet smut can ruin a girl’s reputation, but you don’t have to go full on stripper heaux status to keep your man satisfied. You don’t have to lose your self-respect to blow your man’s mind, you just have to be open to a few things (that does not mean keeping ya legs open to anything ladies please!)

So for all you females out there who may be struggling to achieve this balance, i’m going to break down acceptable heaux-activities for the bedroom that your man will appreciate and enjoy, without wondering how many homies you smashed. Let’s not forget there is always a line, and someone will cross it!  You don’t want to end up in Joe Budden’s DMs, so remember what i’m encouraging you to do here is for YOUR man, not to be done with a different dude every night!

-Let’s start out easy, if you never checked out my headiquette rules now is a good time to do so. A great blowjob can go a long way ladies, mastering the art of a blowjob can definitely be used to your advantage. If you catch your man off guard with some great morning head or initiate things by going down on him out of the blue, he’s going to be more than appreciative. You don’t always have to go oral for oral…give him head without expecting it back every once in a while. Blow him well and your’ll be on his mind all day!

-There are ways to stay in his head, while you can’t physically be on it (this is especially important for those of you not living near ya man). The power of the camera phone comes into play here, but be careful because it can turn for the worse on you quickly. Now, I support sexting and sending dirty pictures, but never forget the difference between a heaux and a boo is all in the delivery! Ratchet girls live in the DMs, avoid them and at least text your man those sexy shots of you! The golden rule for dirty pics is simple, leave your face out of it! Let’s face it you’re probably not going to marry homie, so when it’s over and he posts your old pictures on twitter or shows all his boys (if he didn’t already) then you can deny deny deny!! Dirty pictures vary, ladies you don’t need to angle he knows what you look like naked already so just use the shots to seduce him with what he already lusts after. As for the dirty texts, incorporate what you want him to do to you, what you want to do to him, and how much you can’t wait for him…you can fill in the blank there! It’s all about letting him know you’re thinking about him and want him.

-Moving back into the bedroom, for some reason it seems that females are afraid to admit they know what they like. Listen…you know every man’s goal during sex is to cum, why wouldn’t it be ours too? Your man wants to know that he’s the reason you reached that goal too, boost that sexual ego of his! If he needs some coaching along the way, don’t be afraid to throw him some plays to help him score. When he’s doing something that you enjoy let him know, if you want to change positions tell him or better yet go for it yourself. Men find a woman who can take control in bed sexy, don’t just be there to assist him…be the star player every once in a while. Don’t be afraid to push him against a wall out of the blue and initiate it! I’m not telling you to do this every time, they are men, they like to be in charge, but I do encourage you to switch it up and make sure he knows you want it just as bad as he does!

-In a subcategory to telling your man he’s pleasing you, comes talking dirty to him. I do not encourage you to tweet him dirty things or say them in front of others that’s for the birds. Send him a random dirty text dirty the day, or when you’re out with him whisper what you want to do to him that night in his ear, I promise you he will be ready to leave a lot sooner than planned. As for in bed, I would say it can be a personal preference if you’re man really enjoys dirty talk during sex but if he initiates don’t leave him talking to himself…test out the water see how far he goes with it and if you’re comfortable follow his lead, you might even surprise you’re self and enjoy it too!

-Here’s my last tip for the ladies, don’t be afraid to explore with your man and try new things. Once you guys have gotten close enough you know what one another is comfortable with, why not explore new things and try to expand that comfort level. It’s nice for him to be the first guy you tried something with! Have sex with him in a place you’ve never had sex, dress up for him, bring in a toy or porn into the bedroom…whatever it is knowing that you two are trying something new together for the first time can be hot! (and chances are you both will like it and want to try it again!)

I know i’ll have all the feminist women out there reading this thinking that sex is not all about pleasing your man…and blah blah blah, okay but remember when your man ends up having a side chick don’t come crying to me! Sex is about pleasing yourself and your man, and if you can put forth a little more effort to make sure that happens why wouldn’t you? Just remember this is about keeping the rest of the world thinking that you’re a lady, and just YOUR man knowing how dirty you can really be…that’s the key! If you’ve been in a video on WSHH or in a Waka Flocka video sorry you’re already a lost cause!

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