T.I. is a man and Azealia Banks has no business addressing him (Tip Interview)

Tip was in the studio with Tony Sco and Leon Rogers on WGCI’s The Morning Riot, and the King of the south did not disappoint in this interview.  He talks about his upcoming album, Trouble Man, of course his reality show and family life.

Most importantly though T.I. addressed the “bitch beef” (as I will further refer to it as) between Grand Hustle’s token white girl rapper Iggy Azalea and rising raptress Azealia Banks…

“I ain’t even know nothin’ about it. I didn’t even see it. I know they going through their thing, but the fact that she’s speaking upon me and mine, that is what I consider bitch shit. I’m a man. You ain’t got no business addressing me,” he said. “You and me, keep dealing with that woman. Y’all handle that. You and me, we ain’t got nowhere to go with that.”

And there you have it…Tip doesn’t need your bitch shit! Check out the whole interview above….and if you missed the “bitch beef” here’s the run down…

Azealia went off on twitter and about XXL putting Iggy on the Freshmen cover after she referred to herself as a ‘runaway slave master’ in one of her songs.

Iggy responded to that shot saying:

This is my day and it’s my achievement. You have to work to have your own achievements, with all due respect. Instead of worrying about who else is on there, you should just be happy that I’m on there as a woman for women, and if you want to have your own achievement, work and have your own achievement. I can’t take what’s meant for you and you can’t take what’s meant for me.

T.I. ‘s turn to weigh in…

Strategically if she really cares about a freshmen cover maybe she could hope that she’ll suck enough to get shelved and then next year when the freshmen cover comes back around, maybe she’ll still be a freshman. If you spend half of your day getting money and the other half of your day counting money, you ain’t got no time in your day to worry about nobody else.

Azealia Banks now turns on T.I. and this is where things really got entertaining…

Lol I NEVER needed the next n-gga to sit up on a radio show with me and defend me. Furthermore, n*ggas r sitting up here trying to mask/defend what homegirl said. F*ck outta here. Everybody got something slick to say, but no one got an explanation. Come on T.I…. N*ggas is not scared of u and whatever sh-t u got to say on some radio show.@tip you corny for that one. How u a grown man commenting on what’s going on between two girls. Come on son. Stop it. Ruin my career: what f*cking ever… Y’all wish.

Like Tip said Bitch Shit….


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  1. You seem as smart as a walnot, please don’t speak on what goes on between black people… This isn’t a wrestling match meant to be referred by a ditzy white clown… Observe with your mouth shut

  2. You know Iggy is white though right? and this is a blog so i never observe with my mouth shut right? oh and can you define a walnot for me? thanks

    • It was a misspelled word, and as I said I don’t care if iggy azalea is white, she’s trying to get in with the black community and has disrespected the art. When I said keep your mouth shut your smart self should’ve know what I meant it was figurative not literal you dummy… You are not a good blogger or writer because you have no idea what is going on here to even speak upon this beef. We are not all in it together white people only know how to exploit black people that’s it

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