So Wayne came out and dissed Pusha….yeah….

Lil Wayne and Drake - 2012 NBA All-Star Game

So Pusha and his cornrows went at Weezy’s boo Aubry…and like any many would do, he defended his bitch (Aubs I mean that in the nicest way possibile). Well…..let’s just say Wayne’s mentions might be looking more like my homie’s @amayaRR’s mentions than he intended. I mean…he started with “Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love him…his head up his ass imma have to head butt him.” Now does that mean you are going to head butt Pusha’s ass?! Because that sounds very suspect!

And on top of this mess…he release another song that made me want to cry. What happened to the Wayne who did The Carter 2 & 3?! “all i do is skate and smoke and rap and fuck….now let me see you kick flip kick flip kick flip…” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING WAYNE? Smh I can’t, I’m out.

and here’s his stupid Lupe wanna-be skateboard track…

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