Since Wayne is apologizing for lyrics…

So Weezy hates New York and his verse on “Yuck,” but i think there is a lot more he should dislike that he’s done in the past year or so that I think we all deserve an apology for. I decided to help Wayne out and give him 5 lines that he’s rapped and made us all shed a tear knowing we will never hear Tha Carter II Weezy again…..

1. “Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love ‘em
His head up his ass, I’ma have to headbutt him” -Goulish

– Do I really need to comment on the homosexuality within these lyrics?

2.“Now watch me go retarded, yellow short bus
We do drive-bys, we do walk-ups and bitch I be so high, I get starstruck” – Intro

-Now is Wayne admitting to riding the short bus because if so this is quite brave of him and it’s about time…we’ve all suspected it just come forward about it.

3. “Man all I do is skate and smoke and rap and fuck
Skate and smoke and rap
Now let me see you kick flip, kick flip, kick flip
kick flip, kick flip, kick flip”- S.A.S.A.R.A.F

-Lupe already covered kicking and pushing…we get it Wayne you can skate board….and fuck….and smoke….

4.“To my ni**as in the game, keep the game fair
Players play, coaches coach and cheerleaders cheer”- Nightmares At The Bottom

-Rappers should rap…but that’s not what I would call this

5. “I’m fucked, let’s fuck
She said she on her period, I said, ‘Yuck'” – Yuck

-Since you brought it up…. Really Wayne? smh


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