About 2WGZ

2 white girls who love Hip-Hop.

Founded in December 2010, 2WhiteGirlz is a site dedicated to any true Hip-Hop lover and supporter.

We pride ourselves on shedding light to artists that may not have a big enough “buzz” to be featured on some of the larger industry blogs or are just making their way into the game. Good music is good music we don’t care about your name or who co-signs you. We’re always looking to give our readers new and true Hip-Hop artists so please never hold back on sending us your music, or someone you’ve heard about. If it’s good we’ll post it. (2whitegirlz@gmail.com).

We are always looking on ways to cater to our audience so if you have any suggestions on what we can do to better our site or what you like about our site please let us know. We do this for the readers it’s all about you, well and Hip-Hop.

  1. where are they from and yes it is a peoples problem but only few really care so report and not explorit the true hip hop news and culture.tommy hill was bigger then most and very powerful in the streets.also alot of good artist from the d.m.v is not getting any play.that be the word on these middle east streets wat up east b more o gee trick and pottstown,pa. and north philly we are the streets just ask the boss mayback

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